Our managed WordPress hosting is

very affordable & reliable

Very Affordable Extremely Reliable

Managed WP Hosting

These are our standards of service:

● We do an inital Wordpress installation

● Expert optimization & security

● Daily maintenance and updates

● Weekly complete website back ups

● Proactive 24/7/365 monitoring of your website(s)

Outstanding Reliability

We work hard to be able to offer our customers amazing uptime stats:

● 100% uptime so far in 2018

● 99.96% uptime in 2017

● 99.95% uptime in 2016

● better than 99.9% uptime every year since we started in 1998

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Here's a partial list of the folks who keep your website online 24/7/365.
John MacDonald

John MacDonald

Owner, COO

John has owned professional website hosting companies for over 20 years. He has degrees and certificates in physics, electronics, computer hardware and even has an FCC endorsement for radar.

Debbie Mac

Debbie Mac

CFO & Keeps our feet to the fire.

Debbie is a retired college professor and manages everything financial + anything else she chooses to manage. She knows her way around hardware, too!

One of the Data Center . . .

One of the Data Center . . .

Network Engineers . . .

ensures that your website's server is online 100% of the time. We know about problems before you do which is why we upgrade to new servers about every 10-12 months.



Lab Director and Security Chief

Using his expert lab skills, Jack can sniff out security issues in the wag of a tail. Pictured at left, Jack is hot on the trail of yet another website hacker and is prepared to stick it to him!